I'm Mike Murfitt

I really, really love bikes.

This love affair started at a young age; a bike was the first form of freedom I experienced. The pure joy I felt riding my bike around the neighborhood with my friends was magnified when I found BMX racing at the age of 12 & from there the rest is history.

Every time I step on a bike, I experience a level of joy that's pure ecstasy...whether I'm carving a bowl, smashing down a mountain, crushing down a gravel road or riding across town I can't get enough time on my bike.

This simple machine has taken me on the most incredible adventures, introduced me to amazing individuals, opened many doors, but most importantly taught me so much about myself.

The Joy of Bike comes in many different forms whether that's conquering new skills, completing a big ride, or simply linking up with friends for a cruise.

I'm stoked you're here & a part of the Joy of Bike family. This project is something that means a great deal to me & I feel very fortunate that you're here to ride with us.

All love - Stay RAD,